ASM has industry-leading expertise in delivering safety-critical High and Low Voltage training for Electrical Services across utility networks for DNO's, IDNO's, Engineering Contractors and Individual Professionals. 
Our dedicated training facility in the UK provides learners with a wide range of equipment to hone their skills on during operational safety training courses. 


We offer a wide range of courses for the utility sector 

OP7 - Low Voltage Switching and Linking 

EU Skills Endorsed 
This two-day operational safety training course will introduce the preferred principles and working practices for operational switching on Low Voltage networks, and will demonstrate the requirements for isolating and making safe Low Voltage networks for work or testing. 

OP8 - Receipt of Safety Documents 

EU Skills Endorsed 
This one-day operational safety training course is designed for persons who will be entering an electrified environment, and be required to receive a Permit-to-Work and Limitation-of-Access to carry out work on dead and isolated equipment, or work adjacent to live equipment. In addition, the person may be required to be the person in charge of a working party under the Safety Document. 

OP9 - Substation Access 

EU Skills Endorsed 
This one-day operational safety training course is designed to train and assess persons who are to be authorised to access High Voltage substations and environments. Delegates will be trained on how to access and safely work on associated LV equipment within the environment. 

Cannot find what you are looking for? We can develop custom training solutions to suit your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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